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Cashew Processing Unit

Cashew Processing Unit For 500 Farmers
0.01% Raised
Rs.100.00 donated of Rs.1,680,000.00 goal
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We have a group of 500 Tribal farmers in the remote area of India. This area is also Left Wing
extremism affected. We have planted Cashew in their cultivable wasteland. Now the plantation is
in fruiting Stage and farmers are selling Raw cashew. Raw cashew is sold @10000 Rs./quintal
against the finished Cashew @100000 Rs./quintal. Due to lack of processing and technical know-how
farmers are getting 10% of the Price. Thus 90% of the price is distributed among traders and
others leaving farmer in distress.

The Project fund received will help farmers and us to:
1. Establish a small processing centre at village level for farmers. Farmer will have ownership of
the centre and they will run the unit on the cooperative model.
2. To give proper training to farmers to operate unit, market and packaging.
3. To have a small packaging and quality control unit.
4. To get working capital to run the unit at least for a year.
5. To market the products and by-products in an efficient way.
6. To employ locals in the unit.

Impact and Outcomes
• 500 farmers will have their income increased by 3 folds.
• Better price of the crop will help farmers to rise from poverty and distress.
• Additional income will encourage farmer with better living and adaptation of further new
technology in Agriculture.
• Employment generation at local levels will discourage migration.
• Cooperative Model of working will make Farmers share responsibilities, Risks and profits
together and bringing communities together for a common cause.

SDG’s covered