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Establishment of Farm Machinery Bank for 300 Farmers

Establishment of Farm Machinery Bank for 300 Farmers
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The small (up to 2.5 acres) and marginal (up to 5 acres) farmers of rural India practice the indigenous and manual process for crop cultivation. They use bullocks and labour oriented workflow for cultivation All these process takes much time and human resources. Because of this cost of cultivation increases.

There is a change in climate from last few years. The time for average rainfall is decreasing. The useful water for cultivation is available for only a few days in a year.  Farmers could not complete their cultivation activity in time. Because of this, the production is decreasing.

At present, there are much available technology and machinery, like Tractor Power Tillers etc. which can resolve the above-mentioned issues and problems. But in India, small and marginal farmers do not get access to machinery. The machinery is so expensive and unaffordable for those farmers.

This proposal will help 300 small and marginal farmers to get access to machinery through “Farm Machinery Bank”. This bank will run by the local community on cooperative mode. Farmers can hire the farm machines from farmer institutions at minimum cost.


Unavailability and no Access to Farm Implements.

Increase Labour Rates.

More time for preparing field doing intercultural operations and harvesting.

Expensive Farm Mechanization Implements


Make 3 Groups of 100 each in villages and establish Farm Bank For them.

Farm Bank will Have Agri/Farm Implements uphill Value of 10 Lacs comprising of Tractor, Trolley, Implements, Thresher etc.

Farmer group to be the owner of all implements.

Group will hire these implements with themselves on a nominal hire charges

These collected changes will be used for maintenance of all Equipment and machine


  • Support more than 300 small and marginal farmers through farm machinery inputs
  • Reduce20-25% cost of cultivation and increase the productivities
  • Mitigate the risk in farming activity and increase 10% of income through agriculture
  • Strengthen and capacity building of rural farmer institutions
  • Awareness to the rural community about modern technologies and machinery
  • Moving Forward to modern farming practices


Particulars Unit Cost Total For 3 Groups
Tractor 435000 1305000
Trolley 125000 375000
Rotavator 70000 210000
Cultivator 25000 75000
Thresher 135000 405000
Bund Raiser 35000 105000
Power Tiller 170000 510000
Govt Fees Registration 40000 120000
Total 1035000 3105000