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Mitigating Malnutrition In 100 Tribal Families

Mitigating Malnutrition In 100 Tribal Families By Developing Kitchen Garden
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Malnutrition is a major problem in tribal areas of Chhattisgarh. Mainly Malnutrition is seen in Women, Girls, and Children. Specifically pregnant women, girls reaching adolescence.
Main Reason for Malnutrition is lack of Green vegetables, Pulses, Protein Rich food in their food cycle. Tribals staple food is rice, maize which is rich in source of carbohydrates but lacks in other Nutrients.

With the help of project Fund, we will
Train 100 Tribal Women on nutrition and their Needs
Help 100 women to develop a small Kitchen Garden at their back doors along with Mushroom culture at their homes.
Provide quality seeds for vegetables, small equipment and irrigation tools.
Will train them to develop a small Biofertilizer/composting unit at their Backyard using bio-waste of animals, litter, waste food etc which in turn will be used for their Kitchen Garden.

Better Health For 100 Families with the introduction of green Vegetables and Protein Rich Food in their Diet.
Self Sufficient for vegetable needs and, fewer dependencies on market.
Free Vegetables for 100 families all the year long will be added economic impact.
Reduce malnutrition rate within child and women of 100 Families.

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