Capacity Building And Technolgy Intervention

Village Development Programme

CG Agricon had been chosen as PIA for implementation of Village Development Programme of NABARD in a total of 13 villages, Bilaspur, and Dhamtari district. At Magarlod block of Dhamtari district the CG AgriconSamiti worked in 10 villages dominated by tribal and OBC communities.

System of Rice Intensification (SRI) project for increasing productivity in farmers field

The CG Agricon is an implementing agency for SRI Project to increasing the yield of rice in 16 villages of Durg district. The fund has been arranged by NABARD-FITF fund and to be continued for 3 years. Main objective of the project is to enhance the productivity by 25% of small and marginal farmers. This project has been successfully completed in 3 years. During the first year (2010-11) a total of 323 farmers of Dhamdha block participated in SRI programme. Later in the second year (2011-12)& third yer (2012-13) SRI was successfully demonstrated in 560 farmers fields. Farmers made outstanding yield increase due to SRI from 40% to 200% increment with highest yield of 87.5 q/ ha.

Aditya Biotech Agricon Research & Development (ABARD) Centre for Rural Livelihood.

The ABARD centre for Rural Livelihood has been established in joint venture of Aditya Biotech Lab & Research P. Ltd and Chhattisgarh AgriconSamiti. The centre provides training and capacity building activities to farmers for biotechnology, organic farming, rural technology based livelihood opportunities. This centre is effectively utilized for conducting training programmes of National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) Hyderabad for nursery management and Aromatic crop cultivation.

Pilot project on Increasing Productivity of main crops

This project has been started in the year 2011 with an aim to increase the productivity of 5 main crops in 6 villages of Bastar district funded by NABARD. The crops chosen for the project are paddy, maize, finger millet (ragi), Ramtill and Kulthi. The project component includes establishing seed village, integrated nutrient management and integrated pest management, improved production technology like SRI and farm machinery bank with knowledge centre at cluster village centre. In the first year Farmers recorded yield increase by 25% to 220% in paddy due to SRI and improved variety. The highest yield obtained by tribal farmers was 48 q /ha. In the year 2012-13 successful demonstration of Rice Transplanter was performed in 100 acres in 6 villages.

Seed Village Development Programme

The project had an objective to establish seed village bank in every village. With this view the project was started in 2011 at village Bodra, Block Magarlod, district Dhamtari. Initially foundation seed of paddy were provided to selected farmer to produce Certified Seed by village community. The SRI technique adopted for seed production and farmers obtained higher yield with an average of 50 q/ha with the highest yield of 65 q/ha. The certified seed obtained from foundation seed was distributed to farmers of the same village.