CG Agricon

Rural Livelihood

Livelihood is an activity by which an individual, a community can fulfill their basic need and aspire for improving their way of living both tangible and intangible.

There are three main components that effect Livelihood

  1. Vulnerabilities/Risk
  2. Assets
  3. Policies/Institution

In the rural Areas people does not have a single livelihood but have basket of many activities that are carried out in different seasons and time. The source of employment/livelihood is not fixed but is depended on many factors and ways like

  1. Farming
  2. Fisheries
  3. Dairy
  4. Poultry
  5. Labour

Other Skill Based livelihood activities like mushroom, Stitching etc.

Agricon helps the rural masses/ farmer to refine the above activities with the help of training, incubating modern technologies etc.

Rural Institutions

Rural institution is necessary for organizing the informal sector of the economy. Rural Institutions focuses on the idea of collective growth, responsibility, planning, and measurable outcomes.

Agricon promotes rural institute like SHG, Farmers Club, FPO, other panchayat and block level institute for social planning and Pressure group. The promoted institutions are currently involved in planning, Livelihood activity, NRM Planning and maintenance, Organic cultivation, Processing food and post-harvest technology.  


Agricon has been working in the area of a green environment in various ways

  1. Integrated Natural resource development
  2. Water and Soil Conservation
  3. Organic cultivation
  4. Clean Energy

These measures are adopted by mobilizing locals to participate in planning and implementation. Locals are organized at hamlet, village, block levels to undertake the social cause.


Health Plays an important role in the development. Good health and well being is a key to human civilization. Good health can be achieved not only with better medical facilities but also with preventive steps, lifestyle and low-stress environment.

Agricon has decided to take health and well being as its Cause and initiative. After seeing the gap in basic health facility, Child malnutrition, Lack of institutional delivery and mental wellness the board decided to intervene in those gaps and bud it in the best possible way.


Education is a way to acquire knowledge, values, skills to enable to have a better way of living and livelihood.

Agricon is working in the field of education in multiple ways. We are working closely with our Partner BKG Academy in Urban areas of Chhattisgarh in the following ways

  • Home Schooling (for dropouts)
  • Coaching on soft skill and value education

Agricon desires to work in rural areas with children from Std 1 to 8 and is planning to open rural mobile coaching centres. These centres will provide free coaching and multimedia-based learning centres.