Microenterprise Promotion

Microenterprises defie a definition. Street venders, carpenters, machine shop operators. seamstresses and peasant farmers---microentrepreneurs come in all types, and their businesses in many sizes. This diverse group requires a variety of support to grow and improve. Many of these men and women and their employees are poor and have limited access to services. But they do not lack potential Microenterprises contribute significantly to economic growth, social stability and equity. The sector is one of the most important vehicles through which low-income people can escape poverty. With limited skills and education to compete for formal sector jobs, these men and women find economic opportunities in microenterprise as business owners and employees. In rural scenario the microenterprise promotion cannot be isolated to per person. For creating a successful livelihood for the village we need have the successful microenterprise for people which can be operated at village level. This can only be done by group of people/villagers properly trained and arranged professionally. Some examples of this type of groups are SHG’s, federation of SHG, Farmers Club and their federation. Cooperatives producer organization etc.